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 VINCENT    Christian de la Cortina

Vincent is a determined young entrepreneur not afraid of taking risks. He is the son of a mechanic and scrapyard worker, raised on traditional values and a strong work ethic. He has a close relationship with this father, a widower.

Vincent has long dreamed of creating his own brand of avant-garde electric car. Upon completing his degree, Vincent starts Torres Green Motors Cars with the financial support of his father.


 BILL    Tyler Murree

Bill is a charismatic rebel. Like Vincent, he grew up poor and they attended the same high school. Both boys had ambitious dreams and quickly became friends, until Bill dropped out of school and adopted a lifestyle of partying and drug use. Bill’s original dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the construction business dissolved when he started making easy money cultivating and selling marijuana for a criminal biker gang.

 VALERY    Hayley Sales

Valery is an attractive and intelligent career woman who works for Rumkroff; a German company that sells the electric engines that Vincent requires. She is also Vincent’s former girlfriend. She did not like the idea of venturing west with Vincent and their relationship ended. 

When Vincent returns, so do her feelings for him, and her sense of loyalty leads her to help Vincent in his commercial endeavors.

 JUAN PABLO    Sergio Hernandez

Juan is a mechanic and employee in a scrap yard. As an immigrant from Latin America, he is an honest man with a strong set of values and work ethic. Widowed for more than 15 years, Juan Pablo is dedicated to the son he raised, and willingly puts up his house as collateral for Vincent’s company.

He has high expectations for his son’s success, and hopes to one day winter in the south like his boss, Mr. Samson. 


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